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World’s Tallest Railway Bridge Being Built in Noney, Manipur


After Inaguration of World’s Largest Statue in Gujarat, India is all set to get World’s Tallest Railway Bridge in Manipur. The Northeast Frontier Railway has now constructed a 100 metres tall Railway Bridge Being built in Noney, Manipur. The bridge is being constructed across the valley of river Ijai near Noney with the final height of 141 meters.

After Completion of the bridge it will surpass the existing world’s tallest bridge Mala- Rijeka viaduct in Montenegro in Europe that is 139 metre tall. The total length of Noney bridge will be 703 metre.

The piers of the bridge are constructed using hydraulic auger, the tall piers needed specially designed ‘slip from technique’ to ensure efficient and continual construction. The proposed bridge will be the world’s tallest railway bridge.

Senior PRO SK Ojha Said, “We have successfully crossed 100 metre mark making it India’s Tallest pier. The bridge being constructed near the valley of Noney, with the height of final pier being 141 metre.

The bridge is a part of 111-km Jiribam-Tupul- Imphal new broad gauge line project, a national project which is expected to complete by 2022. The project also includes 45 tunnels, the longest will be 10.24 km, which will be the longest railway tunnel of the northeast.

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