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World’s Luckiest unluckiest man: Frane selak defeated death seven times


Frane selak is often named as ” world luckiest unlucky man” beacuse of the most unexpected incidents happened in his life. With a Croatian nationality he was a music teacher by profession.
The series of events that shaped his life forever, started happening in January of 1962.

In 1962 while travelling in a train he went through his first near death experience. The train in which selak was travelling got derailed and fell into a river killing and drowning many people. But somehow selak was fortunate enough to swim and reach to the shores getting a broken arm and hypothermia. This was his first event of a series of events that left him baffled for his lifetime.

In the following year during his one and only plane ride death tried her luck once again. Both engines of his plane got jammed resulting in falling of the plane.
Even worse he was blown out of the plane without parachute due to a malfunctioned plane door which got detached. While frane selak landing in a haystack with minor injuries. The plane got crash burning in flames with no other survivors.

Another three years went forward and selak had probably wasn’t giving thoughts to the unfortunate events happened with him. But fate had some other plans for him. While travelling in a bus during a road journey his bus slipped off the road falling into a river. Four other passengers drowned but selak was lucky enough to swam to the shore with few bruises.

Fed up with all public transport due to past events he started travelling in his own car. Not having a slightest idea what’s coming next, one day he was driving his car in 1970. Suddenly his car catches fire while he managed to escape, the fuel tank of his car blew up.
Once again, while traveling in his car due to some malfunction of his car engine blew up causing fire flames to come through air vents.

While he was in front of flames surprisingly he survived that incident too apart from his hair he was unharmed.
In other events he was struck by a bus in 1995. But he survived again with minor injuries. In an another unfortunate event his car got an another head on collision on a mountain curve. His car fell down 300 ft before getting crashed. He on a surprising note survived this accident too. In actual when his car fell down, he somehow escaped and got stuck in a tree. As per selak, he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Due to which he was ejected from the car during the fall.

Ultimately he survived this brutal incident too. And with this incident the series of unfortunate events came to an end.
Afterwards he decided to leave mostly in his house. Years went by and one day in the summer of 2003, he received the news that he have won 1.1million US Dollar in a lottery. Making him a man who is one and only one to go through series of unfortunate events and making a fortune in the end.
As of now he lives happily at the age of 89 in Croatia. But who knows what’s coming next in plate of one’s life.
Someone have truly remarked, ‘When god wants to save you even death can’t catch you’.
These series of events made him to go for the title” World luckiest unluckiest man”.

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