World Renowned Astrophysicist Neil deGrass Tyson says an asteroid collision around 2030 could destroy America


In ‘Cosmic Series’ an episode of his podcast famous scientist discussed about the big threat can be caused by massive asteroids. He along with other physicist also explore the possibilities asteroid strikes which happened billions of years ago and laid the foundation for building blocks of life.

Asteroid and meteors passes along the earth everyday. According to NASA hundreds of space debris and rock burns in their entry into the earth atmosphere. There occur atleast one case of meteor or asteroid strike in a year which have a impact or create a small amount of local damage. . However, the real threat comes from asteroids that are ever bigger — kilometres-wide. These, astrophysicist Neil Tyson says, could spell humanity’s end.

The American astrophysicist and author revealed a promising candidate for such a collision during a public lecture in San Francisco in 2008: a 370-metre-wide asteroid called Apophis 99942, which has been circling Earth for decades. This near-Earth space rock was at the heart of a brief spell of concern in December 2004, when early observations suggested a three percent probability it could hit Earth on 13 April 2029.

Now it has been under observation by various space agencies. Its indicating that it can be potential candidate for strike in 2036 if not in 2029 according to the calculation has been done by scientists. However chances of such collision are less But there is a possibility. And if it happens the world will go to witness unimaginable. There are still hundreds of asteroid flying in space which if strike on earth there would be a catastrophic event.

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