When one day keys of Cars ceased to work mysteriously in a town of Ohio


As the end of April was approaching, residents of the town of North Olmsted, Ohio witness a puzzling and confusing situation in front of them. Their wireless key fobs and garage doors simply refused to work. They ceased to function at all.

But what made it more strange is that in all other places other than the town of North Olmsted car doors could be opened wirelessly as usual. But once the vehicle is back in the town the problem started occurring again. The doors of cars and garage have to be opened manually.

Many residents of the town including one resident, Cory Branchik thought her keys battery can be at fault, so she replaced it but the problem didn’t get resolved as expected.

“Anywhere else, when I go to work or when I go to the grocery store, the key fob works,” Branchick told local WKYC news.

While the problem was getting bigger and weirder, dozens of neighbours across the streets were reporting the same phenomenon but nobody knew what was leading it to occur.

Some suggested it might be related to goings on at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, or even a technological hazard related to a NASA research centre in the area.

Despite the early suspicion and intensive research led by local authorities to find out the bizzare phenomenon occurring in the town of North Olmsted, Ohio. It was founded that it was a home made device invented by a local electronics enthusiast, who just love to doing some cool things which led to the invention of the device. Which in turn jammed the wireless key system of the cars and garage in the town.He’d designed a specialised gadget to inform him if anybody was upstairs in his house while he was working downstairs in the basement.

“He has a fascination with electronics,” North Olmsted city Councilman Chris Glassburn said in a statementdescribing the anonymous local inventor – an individual with special needs who had no idea of the harm he was causing in the wider community, simply due to the radio frequency his gadget continuously operated on.

“The way he designed it, it was persistently putting out a 315 megahertz signal. There was no malicious intent of the device.”

That constant broadcast effectively jammed the radio signal for radio devices installed in car doors and garage doors, which frequently operate in the 315MHz to 433MHz radio band.

However now the residents are back to their normal routine. But its unusual to think that how easy is it to affect and cause widespread outrage with just small help of technology.

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