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What would Happen if the Sun Disappeared ?


Anything in the orbit around the Sun is basically moving fast enough to be in a constant state of freefall towards it. If the planets, for example, suddenly stopped moving they would immediately be pulled towards the Sun and fall into it.

The Sun is about 3,33,000 times the mass of Earth and produces the same amount of energy as a 100 billion hydrogen bomb. The giant mass of the Sun has dominant gravitational force that locks all the eight planet into a orbit. So what would happen if sun has been Disappeared, what would we feel , what would be the whole environment.
So, let’s imagine that, due to some unknown reason, our Sun suddenly vanished. In this instance all the planets, asteroids, comets and whatever else would retain their forward motion. Therefore, rather than fall towards the now nonexistent Sun, they would fly off in a straight line into space. Some planets may get attracted by the other planets and collide.

What Would happen with the Earth ??

What will happen with us on the Earth. The sun rays takes approximately 8 minutes to reach on the Earth so our planet would not disappeared immediately. It means that if sun disappeared, we would not have the information of its vanishing for about 8 minutes. And Moon would Disappeared immediately as it would not have the sun light to reflect.
Within days the world would be a hundred or so degrees below freezing, and within weeks it’d be just 50 or so degrees above absolute zero.

The atmosphere itself would also freeze and fall to Earth, leaving us exposed to the harsh radiation travelling through space. The stars would still shine and electricity would still continue to work so cities would remain lit for as long as the power lasted. Even the planets would remain visible for a short interval of time.

Right now the Earth is orbiting the sun around 67000 miles per hour and of the Sun Disappeared its gravitational pull would gone but the Earth will remain in the same speed. The Milky way has estimated 100 billion stars and as many as a billion black holes so What would be the future of Earth after Sun is an exciting adventure across the Universe.

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