What if we loose moon?


As per now, it is believed that life came to existence on our planet only. It is equally terrifying to know that we are alone in the universe or there are others. But formation of earth and beginning of life wasn’t easy. It took billion of years of evolution and changes to become what we are. Everything played an important part in formation of our planet. In our childhood we have always wondered what if there were two moons instead of one or what if there was none in the first place. Well if it would have happened none of the things have been existed in the way they are.

In the year 1897 Sir George Darwin deduced that the moon is spiraling away from earth under the influence of the ocean tides that moon creates here. When humans landed on moon in summer of ’69 we made a significant contribution in space exploration. During the course of mission astronauts left a reflective array on the surface of moon. By sending laser beams to the moon and timing their trips we have been able to deduce that moon is spiralling away from earth at a rate of 3.82cm every year.

The recession of moon from earth in simple terms means that it is gaining energy. And that energy given to moon is coming from rotation of earth. We are spinning at a lesser speed than at the formation of our planet. If it went this way we will be having a day of 25 hours in future.

It have been worked out by various scientists that in absence of moon the days on earth will be merely a couple of hours long. If in the first place we didn’t had the moon there wouldn’t be tidal force from the moon that slowed down the rotation of earth. One thing for sure if we loose moon it will cause a drastic and dramatic effect on the lives of living being on planet. Climatic conditions will change drastically. The life as we know on the earth will succumb to live.

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