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Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photo


As i already discussed some points on Portrait Photography in the previous article Portrait photography tips , and here are some more points that are important in getting stunning Portrait photo, these are:

Frame Your Subject:

Framing is a technique in which you frame a subject with another things to attention to one element with framing it with another element.

In tha above image you can see the subject is framing with flower but the attention is towards to the subject. Framing shows the depth of image and a point of interest in the image.

You can frame your subject by putting the subject in Front of a window or a large hole and for more creativeness , you may put your subject hands near to the eyes.

Play with Backgrounds:

Background is an important role in the Portrait Photography as it appeared just behind your subject. The eye wants to see something colorful and its an important things that viewer pay attention while looking at the Portrait.

Background should be simple not printed because its easy to see the subject in the plane background rather than printed background. If there will be printed background then the attention of viewer will stuck to the background first and they couldn’t see the depth of your image. The main thing is your subject, the person in your Portrait is the main point of interest.

Capture the Moment:

Click random shots without telling your subject. Try to capture the moment in which the subject is. Place your camera on a subject and notice the moment and capture at the moment which looks pretty and Beautiful

Capturing the moment looks more pretty and confidential. The subject will looks more comfortable when you capture them without asking.

Capture Subject Expression:

Capturing of subject expression is similar to the moment capture as it includes expression too. But expression has an different aspects in Portrait Photography. As i mentioned it in the previous article that expression of your subject is the main point of interest.

Smiling expression feels beauty and joy in the photo. In some photos it is expression which makes the photos looks more beautiful. Get your subject to experiment with different moods.

Try to capture images which shows hopes and wants of your subject as it looks more lively. The photo with the reality makes a great impact on the viewers

So these are some more points of Taking Good Portrait photo. I hope it will help you in taking good Portrait. All the best for the photos

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