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This Nasa Astronaut is the 1st man ever to Record a Music Video in Space


Nasa is doing incredible things since its Launching 60 years ago, Aside of being a scientific research organisation its also giving educational stuff. This means the Space Agency Nasa is attracting lay people to read about their work. They made one of the good attempts to Entice the people throughout the World.

Nasa has released a Music Video of all things and this is the for ever video recorded by Nasa astronaut in the Space. It’s something they’ve done in the past, though those have usually been parodies of existing songs. They’ve also been exclusively recorded on the ground, but not this one.

The Music Video recorded is for an original track written by Canadian rock band “The Tragically Hip”. Even before you lay eyes on Nasa astronaut Andrew Feustel zooming through the space station with his guitar in hand from sitting in one of the windows of International Space Station

Expedition 56 Commander. Drew’s message:

Thanks and recognition to the following people and organizations for helping to bring this song and video to life:

Lyrics and motivation by Gord Sinclair

Song Engineering and Recording by James McKenty

Background Vocals by Colin McDonald and Kelly McKenty

Video Post Production by Taylor Leeder and Braden Dragomir at Make Hay Media

NASA Johnson Space Center for mission support and technical resources

Special thanks to the crew of Expedition 55 and 56 for their support and participation in our human space exploration mission.

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