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Things girls like in man’s body


Of course it is not always same but here is some muscles which girls like.

If you are one of them who hitting Gym to impress a girl you must check this out


I guess it is obvious. Forearms give away your fitness level straight away no matter what you are wearing(unless it is a suit). Also err… it seems women think it resembles the ‘man tool’ due to its’… erm ‘veins’.

Ooof. Tough one out of the way. Moving on.


The frame of a man more often than not determines how he looks. Nice traps and bulging shoulders are a sign of a man in good shape. No wonder women like this more. Of course big ass traps that make it seem like you have no neck are a no-no as it makes you look more like a bouncer than a hunk.


This may surprise you, but there are muscles in your back. Yes actual muscles. Define them. Women love hugging a man from behind him. It makes them feel warm and loved. I will copy this verbatim from the article as it does a much better job of explaining it. Enough said.

That thing where you sit up in bed while we’re lying down and we see how broad your back is? Yaaaasssss.


You didn’t think this wouldn’t show up now, did you? Of course women notice your abs. A trim Abdomen is a sign of a man who works hard to keep his shape(or a bit too hard depending on how it looks). So no, not the Zac Effron or Ryan Gosling Abs, but trim abs where you can see the definition is good enough for most women. Besides super-chiseled abs are glamorous but are far less functional. It also means you spend hours in the gym. Nope.


Yes. We are in the favorite zone now. All that benching and flies didn’t go in vain. Women love a nice defined chest. Goes well with the broad shoulders. Gives them a place to rest too. Again, not super-huge-Mr.Olympia-pecs. Just enough to show over your henleys.

Arm and Shin

Another one that is not mentioned here but is a favourite(from personal experience) is the Arm. A muscular arm with slightly bulging biceps and triceps grab eyeballs no matter what. So yes. Also some girls notice your shin. A skinny shin(which is a lot easy to notice since men bound about a lot in their shorts) will definitely reduce you on the ‘attractive’ scale.

Truth is, women aren’t all that bothered about muscles in a long-term relationship. So a built physique alone is practically useless. Women would want to spend more time with you than let you toil in the gym for that modelesque look.

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