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The Unusual Painter, she paints what she hears: Melissa McCracken


Listening to a great music have always been fabulous thing for all of us. But with Melissa McCracken the case is slightly different. She paints what she hears. Melissa is 26 year old from city of Kansas, Missouri, USA. She suffers from a rare neurological Condition known as Synesthesia affecting nearly four percent of the population that mixes up the brain response to stimuli.
From sound of footsteps to song of a band which interest Melissa makes trigger fountain of colour in front of her, which usually find place in her drawings.


Its basically a neurological condition which comes in two forms as Projective and Associative Synesthesia. In projective synesthesia people see actual colour, forms or shapes while in associated synesthesia people feel a strong and involuntary connection between stimulus and the sense that triggers it.

For example in Chromesthesia a projector may hear a sound and see an orange triangle in space, while an associator might hear a trumpet and think very strongly that it sounds ” orange”.

According to Richard Cytonic, Chromesthesia is ” something like fireworks”. Voice, Music, clattering dishes, footsteps all can trigger colour and fireworks shapes that arises, move around and than fade when the sound ends. Synesthesia affects people differently some see cloured alphabets roaming in space during some specific sounds while other see numbers and dates wandering in space right in front of them.

During an interview with broadly, Melissa shares some experience of her life. She said, during her childhood she thought trigger of colour while listening to a sound or music is a normal thing. Its only during a conversation with friend at the age of 16 she found out its not normal instead it’s rare. She further explained that she started painting her favourite songs and with music being more expressive her drawing goes on becoming a lot more colourful.

I think this kind of condition is a gift to humanity by nature. These are the things that makes me question the endless possibility of potential of human mind.

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