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The Story Behind Nature Fascinating Light Show


The Story Behind Nature Fascinating Light Show

Aurora aka Northern Lights are among the most amazing phenomenon we observe on the planet. There are many nights in the Arctic when the night sky is illuminated by the view of these breathtaking lights. They are mostly observed in the Northern hemisphere in Arctic but are also observed in Antarctic in rather less intensity.
Thousands of people from all around the world pack their bags to Norway, Iceland, Northern Russia and to the countries nearby Arctic to witness this phenomenal dance of the light.


The Science behind the occurrence of Northern lights lies in the interaction in the atmosphere of our earth. These are produced when the solar wind interacts with the magnetosphere of the earth. Magnetosphere is generally the region of space around a celestial body in which charged particles are affected by that object magnetic field. So when solar wind or a stream of charged particles from sun reaches to the Magnetosphere. It interacts with it then the resulting ionisation and excitation of atmospheric constituents emits lights of varying colour and complexity. Thus forming a breathtaking view of Nature fascinating light show.

Northern lights have been being observed since 4th A.D. And till now they hold a major place in atmospheric sciences. As said about the Auroras they aren’t meant to be seen, they are meant to be felt. So plan a trip to witness lights directly coming from heaven. Will meet you in next article. Till then take a deep breath and see around, nature is amazing.

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