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Piyush Goyal Shared Horrifying TikTok Video Of Train Stunt Gone Wrong

203 Views TikTok is growing rapidly and youngester are making videos with different styles but it can be dangerous if you do it worng. The same thing happened with this boy who was making video for TikTok playing stunt in…

TikTok video of woman doing Fingers trick goes viral, can you copy her ?

330 Views TikTok is getting loaded with new trends and amazing videos almost every day. People all around the world creating different types of contents to get more likes and engagements. Now a days this latest video of a woman…

Here is why Tik Tok banned in India

126 Views Tik tok is a popular video creating app used by People for creation and sharing of short videos. Google and Apple have removed Chinese internet firm Bytedance’s social media app Tik Tok from the Play Store and App…

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