World Renowned Astrophysicist Neil deGrass Tyson says an asteroid collision around 2030 could destroy America

In ‘Cosmic Series’ an episode of his podcast famous scientist discussed about the big threat can be caused by massive asteroids. He along with other physicist also explore the possibilities asteroid strikes which happened billions of years ago and laid the foundation for building blocks of life. Asteroid and meteors passes along the earth everyday. […]

This Nasa Astronaut is the 1st man ever to Record a Music Video in Space

Nasa is doing incredible things since its Launching 60 years ago, Aside of being a scientific research organisation its also giving educational stuff. This means the Space Agency Nasa is attracting lay people to read about their work. They made one of the good attempts to Entice the people throughout the World. Nasa has released […]


FIRST SPACE PRIVATE PASSENGER: YUSAKU MAEZAWA He is, i think, the bravest person and most willing to do so,”Musk said, referring to Maezawa. Elon Musk who have founded Space X and also CEO of TESLA have recently announced that Space Exploration Technologies Corp’s. BPR ROCKET is going to take Japanese Billionaire on a journey, no […]

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