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Sundar Pichai celebrated 15 years of Google Maps


Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai celebrated 15th birthday of Google Maps, Alphabet and Sundar Pichai shared a list of his favourite veggie burrito restaurants around the world using the mapping service. Sundar Pichai also spoke about growing up in India and how Google Maps has changed the way people travel in the Country Today.

“I compiled a list of my favorite veggie burrito places from around the world. They’re my comfort food when traveling, and I get pretty excited when I find a good one,” he wrote on an Instagram post.

“In places like where I grew up in India, there wasn’t always a clear structure to the address system,” he wrote. “That meant giving an auto rickshaw driver a landmark, like a hotel, and then as I got close, popping my head out to ask for directions to the actual destination.”

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