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Story of Voyagers: Farthest Man Made Objects from Earth


When the space race began in 1950s no one imagined that what feat we are going to achieve in future. And than things began to fall together. After conquering surface of moon, NASA surely was hoping high. After moon there was question on every one’s mind, What’s next?

But something big was going to happen and than world witnessed the launch of voyagers.

Voyagers were one of their kind of spacecraft. Each voyager i.e. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probe carries a gold plated Audio Visual Disc. The disc carries photos of the earth and its lifeforms, range of scientific information and a medley, “sounds of earth” that includes sounds of whales, a crying baby, waves breaking on a shore and a collection of music in hope that if any extraterrestrial civilization found this they may be able to know that there is a planet earth with life.

Voyager 1 was launched on September 5, 1977 and voyager 2 on August 20,1977. After Pioneer 10 and 11, voyagers are the space probe to reach the escape velocity that helped them to leave the solar system.

While Voyager 1 left our solar system in 2013 becoming first spacecraft to leave solar system, Nasa announced in 2nd week of December this year that Voyager 2 has also left our solar system. They both are now travelling in vast interstellar beyond the boundaries of our solar system. More than 10 billion miles away Voyagers are still collecting the datas and sending to us. They will keep doing this for a couple of years more until they stop working.

Bout they will keep traveling vast arena of cosmos for thousands of years if their path is not destructed by collision of asteroids.

Assuming they stay on course, its going to be a lonely trip for the voyagers because even though our earth sky is full of light and particles,space is mostly empty. The distances between the stars in the galaxy is so vast that even after a head on collision with Andromeda galaxy, not much will happen in the way of stellar collisions.

If everything goes fine with Voyager 2 its closest approach with a star will be 40000 thousand years from now. When it will pass within 1.7 light years of small red dwarf star Ross 248. Ross 248 will be closest star to out sun at that time.

Traveling at more than 35000 miles per hour in the direction of constellation Ophiuchus. Voyager 1 is the fastest man made object. In the year 40272 voyager 2 will be drifting within 1.7 years of the star Gliese 445 in the constellation Camelopardalis.

In absence of any encounter with celestial bodies, voyagers will continue their journey forever covering thousands of light years.

Ultimately,like the stars in the milky way the voyagers will march to the galaxy tune and orbit its core fot the rest of their lives.

How the voyagers will come to an end either with thousand of micrometeorite impacts or one large collision is still an mystery to us. Its even possible that voyagers will outlive our solar system, surviving long after after sun death.

Voyagers are on the journey no one have ever witnessed. Its the first time something made by humans went so far in search of questions put by human mind. They are only beginning in human exploration of space.

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