Star older than Universe discovered, Theory Of Big Bang in Question


Star older than universe discovered, Big bang theory in question

According to big bang universe came into existence around 13.8 billion years ago. Having been proposed by astronomer Georges Lemaitre in 1927 the theory stands against all the odds in helping to understand the beginning of our universe. But in a recent finding a team of researchers found a star older than cosmos. Which in turn have raised questions on the theory of big bang.

A newly found star named as HD 140283 also known by name “Methuselah star” situated at 200 light years away. Analysis of star showed that it had been formed nearly 0.7 billion years earlier than the existing universe.
British physicist Robert Matthews wrote for UAE-based media outlet The National: “It’s a riddle of cosmic proportions: How can the universe contain stars older than itself?

Its sounds illogical and weird. But it definitely have ring the bells of opinions on big bang theory. If the star is really older than universe than we may have assumed the age of universe as incorrect.

Experts met at a conference in California in July in an attempt to solve the mystery, but so far questions have just led to more questions and it could lead to a “scientific revolution”.

There is also an another factor of dark energy which is mysterious to us till date which seems to hold secrets of beginning of universe. Of which we don’t know what it is and from where did it came from.

Cosmos is a mystery and a human mind can be a key to the puzzle but day by day its getting more and more complicated.

One leading astronomer in the conference states with the ongoing scientific fluctuations the time have come to think the unthinkable.

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