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What is random? What exactly is random? Any action, any motion that doesn’t have a memory. Any movement of particle, object,thing that just happen. It just occur to move like it. Which doesn’t conserve any information about the previous path taken.
But why is of so use to us?
It is actually. Randomness is something we can connect with. Even on the particle level to the stars. Our existence, the formation of universe, beginning of life.
Every statement have two conclusions, one which writer wants you to convenience and another which had made a impact on you while reading and understanding it.
Here too you are gonna having two.

God doesn’t play dices, Einstein once remarked. But what if he does. No one has answer to it. What if i say you reading this article, me writing it is random. You will believe it. Because it is such. You opened the phone, a notification came and you read it. Its just an another random act. What’s so engrossing about it. Now try thinking on a big scale. Just put your imagination caps on and lets travel to 14 billion years back in time. What do you see, nothing. There was nothing, Neither time, nor space. It was just an empty space. But something happened a singularity appeared from nowhere, as per physics we know. We don’t who put it there. What was the purpose behind it. And when it start happening. Collisions and collisions went for ages. Everything happened, it just happened.
Just a random act of particles. And that randomness made us to exist.
But the question arises how can a random act of motion can create one of most intelligent life on earth.
So it was really random or someone had planned it. And if someone had intentionally did what is the purpose behind it.
One time or another everyone of you had witnessed a drunkard in their way. Have you ever observed his motion. Its random. He just walk and the previous step doesn’t have any relation with next step. Thats all have happened if we go this way. Or what if Einstein is correct. And nothing is random.
Whatever be it Statistical Mechanics is still nowhere near as of now finding the reason behind it.
The question still stands tall, if god doesn’t play dices than what it is? And if he does, can a random motion of particles be able to create something which will ultimately put question on their existence ?

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