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PUBG Star Challenge Begins in Dubai: Watch Live Sreams


PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Final have begun in Dubai, the top 20 teams will fight for $4,00,000 cash prize. PUBG or Players Unknowns Battle Ground is one of the most popular online multiplayer game in the world.

In order to keep the user base hooked, PubG mobile received regular updates with new Maps, weapons and vehicles. The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Final has already started on 29 November in Dubai, team will fight till December 1 in order to win the prize $ 400,000 ( 2.32 Crore). Top 20 teams has been Selected from Asia, North America, South American, Europe, Japan, Korea and China while around 15000 teams applied for the contest.

Player’s Unknown Battle Ground Star Challenge is one of the longest running multiplayer game competitions with took place for almost 2 months and now its going to end from November 29 to December 1. The best teams from all around the world will be playing in the finale.

The finale is playing in Dubai. Each day an exhibition match will be played, which will include 3 formal matches. The last day include prize presentation. If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, we are sure you don’t want to miss any chance to watch your favourite streamer or team in the battle days.

How to Play Live Sream of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge:

Curious to know who will Win the title of World’s Best PUBG player or the star of PUBG Mobile, here is what you can do for live streaming. To enjoy the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge live streaming all you have to do is, Go to the PUBG’s Official YouTube channel and Facebook Page, the live streaming will starts at 15:30 each day followed by 30 minutes countdown. The event is being held at the Festival Arena in Dubai from 4.00 pm local time (5.30pm IST) to 9:00 pm local time (10.30pm IST), every day.

For Fans Who are willing to become the part of Live audience can book the tickets at Rs. 675 (for one day gold pass)
Or almost Rs. 6758 (for an all day Diamond pass)

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