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PubG Mobile Update Brings new Maps and Bulletproof Vehicles


One of the most popular game of Tencent, PubG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has introduced a new map. This not just includes new features and fixes but also introduces an entire new map – Sanhok. The update also includes some anti-cheating measures, changes to ‘Clans’ among other improvements.

The new Sanhok map can be downloaded independently an unlike other theme maps. The map also brings along some new weapons and vehicles. These include a rare Flare Gun, using which one can call for a super air drop when inside the playzone. When used outside the playzone, it brings a Bulletproof UAZ. The QBZ automatic rifle also makes a debut with the map that fires 5.56mm rounds. It has both single shot and full-auto. Shotguns get a new attachment called Duckbill, which reduces vertical spread and increases horizontal spread.

As for the vehicles, the new map brings Bulletproof UAZ that is a four-seater. As mentioned above, it can only be driven when called using the Flare Gun. There’s also a new muscle car that has four seats and comes in two versions – hard top and convertible.

The new PubG patch also introduces clan perks wherein the players will get a certain amount of UC to share it with other clan members. New Clan titles can now be equipped after purchase and the Clan ranking now lists more active clans this week and this season.

With improved recognition for cheating plug-ins, the PubG update also brings Report buttons to Spectator Mode, Basic Information and Results.

Over 50 million+ download on Google Play store for Android making it #1 most popular games.

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