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PubG Mobile now has over 20 million daily Active Users


PubG mobile has gained over 20 million Daily Active Users within the six months of its Launching on iOS and Android platform. Player’s Battle Unknown Grounds (PubG) has introduced it 0.8.0 update for its mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. The new update has new Sanhok map and new vehicles to make it more interactive and fun to play.

Tencent which is the developer of this game has officially announced that PubG has over 20million daily active users globally. The game is similar to the PC games such as Counter Strike but in this game players parachute onto a Battle ground where they find weapons and vehicles to win the game by becoming the last player to stand on the ground.

Now the game has 20 million+ active users globally excluding Japan, Korea and China. Moreover the game has completed its season 2, with over 130 million has earned themselves 85,44,24,547 chicken dinner.

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