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Psychology of Human mind !


We as people have evolved in many ways throughout the centuries. Everything around us got changed as time got passed and gets keep changing. Here i am about to tell you that how our mind have evolved during this period.

Our mind is the most important organ of our body. Everything that belongs to us our thoughts, our imagination, things we perceive doesn’t only generates from our thinking. Our surroundings have a key role in developing our thoughts. You must have heard: keep your company good if you want to achieve something great.

We all share some common belief and assumptions from the evolution. But as we grew up we build our own understanding of the world. We have a whole different world in us than what is present before us. Here let me tell you a funny thing nothing is original here. What i mean to say is that from the day you came into the world your mind keep feeding itself with everything surrounding him. You can not think of something which is not present in this world. For example if you are saying that i can be wrong try thinking of any other colour rather than which are present in this world. Puzzled yet! Your thoughts, your imagination have been hacked. You can not think of something which is out of blue. If still not convinced try thinking of something which doesn’t exist in this world. It can be anything any thought, any ideas and i will saw you that how that is related to the things that are present in the cosmos.

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Will meet you in second chapter of Psychology of human mind.

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