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Macro Photography

Macro Photography Composition Tips , Lesson 4

137 ViewsIn Macro Photography Lesson 3 we have learnt about Focusing. And now it will be the last lesson of macro photography series. In which we will learn about Composition. Composition Tips: Even in macro photography, the basics of a…

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Macro Photography Lesson 3

156 Views Focus Tips For Macro Photography In Macro Photography Lesson 2 we have learnt depth of field and understanding of shutter speed. So in this lesson we will learn about different types of focus techniques. Let’s start this lesson….

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Macro Photography , Lesson- 2

124 Views Depth Of Field: In Macro Photography Lesson 1 , We have learnt About Macro Photography & Some Key Points of Doing good macro photography for beginners, So now we will learn about Depth of field, Focusing area etc….

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Macro Photography, Lesson- 1

93 Views Want to Capture Amazing Macro Shots : Many Photographers wants to capture amazing Macro Photos But Its Not So easy. You Can’t Take Amazing Photos Just by Clicking The Button of a Camera or Phone. You must have…

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