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10 Street Photography Secrets of Successful Photographers

143 ViewsStreet photography is the summation of emotions, reality, and a story in a single image. After all you can do street Photography anywhere,anytime with your camera and phone. Professional Photographers has curiosity to Capture photos with different angles. They…

Make Money by selling photos. 10 Most Profitable Places to Sell Photos Online

107 Views If you have skill to Capture good photos than you can sell your photos online. You have photos and you believe that people may pay for your photo, then these are the most useful websites for selling photos….

5 Tips For Better Nature Photography

200 ViewsEveryone wants to capture Beautiful nature photos but some Photographers can do it well. Because they capture the shot with these following tips. The most difficult challenge is to finding good Subject matter. People wants to see the images…

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Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photo

243 ViewsAs i already discussed some points on Portrait Photography in the previous article Portrait photography tips , and here are some more points that are important in getting stunning Portrait photo, these are: Frame Your Subject: Framing is a…

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3 Things Your Camera Never Told You About Portrait Photography

177 Views Many people are afraid of doing Photography because they think they don’t have the eyes for Photography. Photography isn’t take good talent, its all about practice and the enthusiasm. If you are passionate about photography, you will do…

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Macro Photography Composition Tips , Lesson 4

137 ViewsIn Macro Photography Lesson 3 we have learnt about Focusing. And now it will be the last lesson of macro photography series. In which we will learn about Composition. Composition Tips: Even in macro photography, the basics of a…

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Macro Photography Lesson 3

156 Views Focus Tips For Macro Photography In Macro Photography Lesson 2 we have learnt depth of field and understanding of shutter speed. So in this lesson we will learn about different types of focus techniques. Let’s start this lesson….

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Macro Photography , Lesson- 2

124 Views Depth Of Field: In Macro Photography Lesson 1 , We have learnt About Macro Photography & Some Key Points of Doing good macro photography for beginners, So now we will learn about Depth of field, Focusing area etc….

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Macro Photography, Lesson- 1

93 Views Want to Capture Amazing Macro Shots : Many Photographers wants to capture amazing Macro Photos But Its Not So easy. You Can’t Take Amazing Photos Just by Clicking The Button of a Camera or Phone. You must have…

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Top 5 Photography Tips

138 ViewsTop 5 Photography Tips,you should know about, If You Want To Take Good Photos. These following tips will help you to become a good Photographer 1.- Use The Rule Of Third: The adjusting of Grid Lines in a proper…

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