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Patna Student Became One of the Youngest Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society


12th class student from Patna got prestigious fellowship from ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY
Amal Pushp from patna, a student of Delhi public school has been recently elected as fellow of Royal Astronomical society, London.

Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) situated in London is a society that encourages the study of cosmology and astronomy. It is a honour for getting elected as fellow of the society.
RAS elected him as fellow after lord Rees who is an Emertius Professor at University Of Cambridge nominated him.

Amal have been elected at age of 18 which is also youngest age possible for the fellowship.
Amal has send his research on black holes to an Indian Physicist Partha Ghose, a former Professor at S. N. BOSE NATIONAL CENTRE FOR BASIC SCIENCES, Calcutta.

Ghose told the telegraph that he was amazed by the content of the paper and even more amazingly that a 18 yr old have done that research.
“This is absolutely amazing- a fellowship from royal society is a top honour. We need to find ways to encourage talent in our country too,” Ghose Said.
Many physicists from different institutions across the country are amazed by the talent of the young boy.
A physicists at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, PUNE Saurabh Dhube had said to received an email from phushp regarding the admissions in IISER’s.
Unfortunately we have only rigid based entrance exam that routes to top institutions,” Dhube said. We don’t have formal Mechanism to take talented people who may not do well in exams.

It is surely an honour for Amal Pushp to be as Fellow of RAS. But it surely put questions about indian education system. If it had not been about RAS no one could have acknowledged the potential of Amal push and other exceptionally brightest mind of the country. Now is the time to took a next step in defining standards of having knowledge and having degrees.

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