How does your Mind reacts during an Orgasm?

1. During orgasm our brain releases huge amount of dopamine During sex dopamine is released in a huge amount.Dopamine is actually a harmone which is responsible for feeling of pleasure, desire and motivation. Generally dopamine is being referred to as a pleasure chemical, though research have shown it offers us much more than a good […]

Mysterious Radio Signals have been observed from deep Interstellar Space: a slight possibility of coming from alien civilization

Since the dawn of civilization we humans have been looking up into the sky seeking the answers to the most mysterious questions human mind have ever asked. Are we Alone? But none of our technology have been able to fed up our curiosity. And then there are most unknown yet mysterious things are happening in […]

World’s Largest Cricket Stadium Getting Built in Ahmedabad

World’s largest Cricket Stadium getting built in Ahmedabad which will have the capacity of 1.1 lakh. The Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad also known as Motera Stadium. Currently the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the world’s largest cricket stadium with a total capacity of 100,024 while Kolkata’s Eden Garden is at no. 2 with a total […]

Gully Boy: Divine Says He Can’t Take The Credit for Ranveer Singh’s Smooth Rap

Gully Boy Official Trailer announcement of Zoya Akhtar’s film has recently dropped on YouTube. The teaser is going viral on YouTube and now it’s on Trending list at no.1. It had a rap of Ranveer Singh and teaser has taken the internet by a storm. People can’t stop praising the actor for his wonderful rap […]

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