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Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photo

327 ViewsAs i already discussed some points on Portrait Photography in the previous article Portrait photography tips , and here are some more points that are important in getting stunning Portrait photo, these are: Frame Your Subject: Framing is a…

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3 Things Your Camera Never Told You About Portrait Photography

236 Views Many people are afraid of doing Photography because they think they don’t have the eyes for Photography. Photography isn’t take good talent, its all about practice and the enthusiasm. If you are passionate about photography, you will do…

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155 ViewsDid We Really Encountered a Signal From Extraterrestrial Intelligence? The Mystery Behind WOW Signal. It was the day of 15th August 1977 when the most precendent event of the century had occurred. Astronomer Jerry R Ehman discovered the anomaly…

One more reps with these Awesome Bollywood songs

102 Views Hitting Gym ! Sometime great song can make your day feel fresh.But at gym you need some great songs that pumps up adrenaline into your blood.So not wasting your time Here Some Fantastic Bollywood songs that will help…


172 Views WHAT READING DOES TO YOUR MIND? From centuries we have been dependent on reading the written manuscripts for information. Reading however nowadays is not same like it used to be. Now one have more resources than there are…

DSSSB RECRUITMENT : 4366 Teaching Vacancies

100 ViewsDSSSB Vacancies 2018: 4366 Teaching Vacancies Here it is a good news to all those aspirants who are waiting for so long time for the Govt. teaching vacancy. DSSSB released the notification for the permanent vacancies for the Primary…

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Macro Photography Composition Tips , Lesson 4

190 ViewsIn Macro Photography Lesson 3 we have learnt about Focusing. And now it will be the last lesson of macro photography series. In which we will learn about Composition. Composition Tips: Even in macro photography, the basics of a…

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Macro Photography Lesson 3

199 Views Focus Tips For Macro Photography In Macro Photography Lesson 2 we have learnt depth of field and understanding of shutter speed. So in this lesson we will learn about different types of focus techniques. Let’s start this lesson….

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3 Web Design & Development Learning Websites

157 Views Hi guys today I am going to tell you about 3 website where you can learn web designing very easily and free.So without wasting the time I am come to the point. I arrange the websites list according…

Macro Photography , Lesson- 2

168 Views Depth Of Field: In Macro Photography Lesson 1 , We have learnt About Macro Photography & Some Key Points of Doing good macro photography for beginners, So now we will learn about Depth of field, Focusing area etc….

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