Now You Are Allowed to Drive in Foreign Countries with Indian driving Licence


21 countries where Indian driving licence is valid but you need to acquire an international driving permit.
Driving is the best way to travel and explore any country. You are in full control of your journey. You stop for a break when you want to, to enjoy a scene or make a quick getaway to the next destination in store. One of the biggest advantages is that we get an unhindered view of the countryside. Now all you need is to know where you can drive with your Indian driving license. Find out here which are the countries where Indian driving licence is valid

  1. United States of America
  2. South Africa
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia
  5. Italy
  6. Germany
  7. France
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Switzerland
  10. Norway
  11. Canada
  12. Malaysia
  13. Finland
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Austria
  16. Iceland
  17. Singapore
  18. Ireland
  19. Sweden

Can you drive in US using Indian driving licence ?

People in the US must have an valid driving licence to drive the Car. Some states require a International driving permit (IDP) from foreign nationals, in addition to a valid licence from your own country. Contact Motor Vehicle department of each state for driving.

How to get International Driving licence from India !

You need to follow these steps to get International Driving licence from India

  1. Go to Online at –
  2. Choose Driving Licence Related menu from the drop down list
  3. Select your State and Click on “Apply Online” option
  4. Click on “Continue” to proceed to the next step
  5. Fill details and proceed (Address on your passport and licence should be same.If it is different, then select Services, IDP and change in DL)
  6. Enter Mobile No., Aadhar No., Blood group etc. and Confirm
  7. Select Services and Proceed to the next step
  8. Fill forms, upload required documents and make payment of Rs.1000 for IDP and Rs.1200 for IDP + Change in address
  9. Take Print out of Payment Receipt, which will include two forms (form 1 and form 1A) get it filled and duly signed by an MBBS doctor and Upload it
  10. Take your document to RTO with Original passport, license, Visa and signed and get it signed by tje officer and Submit it.
  11. Go with your receipt to RTO and Collect it.

Happy driving

Can you drive in Dubai using Indian Driving licence ?

No, One may not drive cars in Dubai with a regular India-issued license. You should apply for International Driving licence (IDL) or UAE. Licence to drive in Dubai.

Can you drive in Canada using Indian Driving licence ?

If you have a valid licence from your home country, you’ll probably be able to use this to drive in Canada for a short time after you arrive. Check with the government of your province or territory for details.

If you plan to use a foreign driver’s licence in Canada, you should get an International Driving Permit (IDP) in your home country. An IDP will give you a translation of your licence into French and English.

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