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New traffic rules: Gurgaon autorickshaw driver fined ₹32,500 after jumping red light signal


The Gurugram traffic police here on Tuesday issued ₹32,500 and ₹23,000 traffic tickets (challan) to an auto-rickshaw driver and a two-wheeler rider, respectively, for multiple violations, an official said.

Dinesh Madan, a resident of Geeta Colony in East Delhi, was caught by cops outside the district court driving scooty without helmet.

When asked to show necessary documents, like registration certificate, insurance, driving licence and pollution certificate, he failed to do so. “Hence, the cops fined ₹5,000 for RC, ₹5,000 for driving licence, ₹10,000 for pollution certificate, ₹2,000 for third party insurance and ₹1,000 for driving without helmet or turban,” said Subhash Bokan, Gurugram Police PRO. The vehicle was also impounded, he added.
Madan said he was working with an advertisement agency and had come to the civil court to collect ads for newspapers.

In another case, jumping the traffic red light proved extremely expensive for an auto driver in the Sikandarpur area. He was fined ₹32,500.

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