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Mysterious Radio Signals have been observed from deep Interstellar Space: a slight possibility of coming from alien civilization


Since the dawn of civilization we humans have been looking up into the sky seeking the answers to the most mysterious questions human mind have ever asked. Are we Alone? But none of our technology have been able to fed up our curiosity. And then there are most unknown yet mysterious things are happening in our own universe. Back in ’07 FRBs (Fast Radio bursts) were discovered for the first time. Since then there have been over 60 such incidents have been observed.

These ultrastrong, ultrabright radio signals only last for a duration of few milliseconds and are believed to be originated from billion of light years away. There have been 13 new FRB’s discovered in a mere span of two months. Scientists working on these in CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Mapping Experiment) have been observing Repeating FRB’s. With more repeaters there is more information available to study. And with more sources we may be able to understand these cosmic puzzles- where they are from and what causes them, said Ingrid stairs a member of CHIME team and an astrophysicist from University of British Columbia.

Scientists are working on many theories regarding the FRBs. In many studies it have been also suggested that FRBs may have been remnants of distant supernovas or even the radiation emitted by Super Massive Black Holes. We shouldn’t rule out the possibility of “artificial origins” like the pulses of an alien spacecraft, said Avi Loeb a scientist at Harvard Smithsonian Centre For Astrophysics.

Most of the FRBs have been registered at low frequencies as such as 400MHz( the lowest frequency CHIME telescope is able to detect). It simply suggest that FRBs of lower frequency have been most probably going through our planet undetected in the past.


Fast radio bursts are generally a radio pulse of length ranging from fraction of milliseconds to couple of milliseconds. But still due to lack of much data we haven’t been able to identify their cause of origin. These are assumed to be of extragalactic origin. While polarising FRBs it indicates that they must have been originated from a source of extremely powerful Magnetic Field. As we didn’t have full knowledge about what causes them only theories, proposals for their origin ranges from a rapidly rotating neutron star, a black hole to some intelligent species.The most baffling thing about FRBs is that they come from lakhs of light years away, so their sources must be highly energetic. Generating as much energy in millisecond burst as the sun does in 80 years.

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