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Most interesting facts about human behaviour

  • People let themselves be manipulated by others because they feel they are not smart enough to control their lives. So they let a someone ‘smarter’ control their lives.
  • Those who worry about ‘What will others think of me?’ believe others’ opinion is more important than their own.
  • It is always a fear of ‘What will happen if…’ which stops people from doing something. ‘What will happen if I fail?’ ‘What will happen if they don’t like me?’ ‘What will happen if it goes wrong?’
  • It requires a lot of confidence to ask yourself what you want to do and then do it. People who are low in confidence look at others to decide what they should do.
  • Many believe that they can get others’ respect by giving respect. The truth is that people don’t respect people, people respect strength. In giving respect, if you come across as weak, then you don’t get anyone’s respect.

  • People criticise their spouses or parents for not understanding them. The hard truth to accept is that no one will understand you all the time. You are a unique person with a unique perspective. No one can see things with the same perspective as you.
  • Those who behave like everyone else and ‘fit in’ are accepted in this society. Those who are different are criticised. This is because people feel threatened by anyone who is different. Hence they criticise them in their times, but revere them when they are gone, because they feel safe then.
  • People who lack self-esteem have a need to tell others about their accomplishments to make their own accomplishments meaningful to them. Those who have high self-esteem feel silent inner pride in their accomplishments.
  • A lot feel they are regularly ‘used’ by others, or taken advantage of, or not respected, or discarded or ditched for another, or the like. It is because they have taught others to treat them this way. If you keep taking the shit people throw at you, then you have taught them that you’ll keep taking the shit they throw at you.
  • People don’t leave the work behind when leaving the office and mentally keep going through the events of the day, what tomorrow will entail. They may feel they are free beings in this free world, but in reality they are mental slaves to their company.

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