Man who Covered 1,64,000 KM on a Bicycle: Vladislav Ketov


He wasn’t ordinary. Because an ordinary person will require a lesser ordinary heart to achieve the feat which Vladislav Ketov, a Russian artist achieved on his bicycle. As the year 1991 approached he set out on a voyage to experience which have never been experienced before.

He along with his bicycle went on a lifelong journey of covering majority of coastline area of world on his bicycle. His journey included traveling through the coastline of Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America covering 1,62,000 KM. Through 93 countries, 8 deserts, 8 War zones and used almost 100 visas on his bicycle tour around the World’s continent Coastline.

Spending almost 21 years of his life on traveling and a staggering 5 years in total during his whole journey. Experiencing the world in a way never before, he was close to death many times but survives everytime gaining a thousands of experiences. Remained on water for days in Northwestern Europe and along the coastline of Africa. Travelled through South Angola and Yemen during Civil War. Painted portraits of people for survival. Met several civilisations, touched the soul of much awaited places.

During his journey his bicycle also get stolen but only once in Russian.
When his journey came to an end in summer of 2012, he wrapped up the last section of his trip with the entire venture taking a total of 21 years and 21 days, covering 1,64,000 km.

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