Man Lands in village in a helicopter after retirement


In all of our lives, we have dreams which are fascinated by our various desires. Its not an another story of dream come true but instead it’s a reward a man gives to himself after working years for other people.
In a interesting scenario, villagers of Sadpura village witness a once in lifetime phenomenon. As the heat of the day was soarching they heard a rumbling sound of helicopter. At first many thought it would be a minister’s fleet. But no it wasn’t.
Kure Ram a resident of Sadpura village was a peon in a government school in neemka in Faridabad district of Haryana. When after 40 years he decided to take retirement he also decided to make this retirement memorable for lifetime.
He spend 3.50 lakh in hiring a chopper to reach his village which is 2 km away from the school. On the day of his retirement from the school he reached the village in helicopter which is said to be dream of his and his brother on the occasion of retirement. He did something no ordinary person would want to do.

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