Macro Photography

Macro Photography , Lesson- 2


Depth Of Field:

In Macro Photography Lesson 1 , We have learnt About Macro Photography & Some Key Points of Doing good macro photography for beginners, So now we will learn about Depth of field, Focusing area etc.

So What is Depth Of field , For non-macro Photography , your subject won’t be so close to the lens or no need to put the subject exactly fit to the frame , you may put your subject as far as you want or vice-versa. At these distance Normal Aperture f/8 and f/12 is good because we don’t want very close focus.

But the Macro Photography is different from that , you need to put your subject as close as possible. But its depends on you & your Camera lens. When you take macro photos, you end up with Very little depth of field even at small Aperture. In the macro photography your subject is just millimetre distance apart. You may face very low light , Why not ? So what will you do , these are some tips , you will have to work with in low light macro photography:

  1. Your camera itself usually blocks some natural lights.
  2. Your flash might not placed at right angle to Illuminate your subject.
  3. Aperture like f/11 , f/16 or smaller are necessary in order to get depth of field. But they reduce light.
  4. You need to put fast shutter speed in order to avoid blur in your photo , which reduces light.

But sometimes f/5 aperture is good for very sharp close up. How you will deal with these points. Here are some methods to capture photos with depth of field with enough light.

Method 1: Open Up Your Aperture:

When you want to capture a thin Depth of field but you want your subject very sharp , at that time you need to Open your aperture as large as possible ,( something from f/2.8 to f/5.6 ) and now you are ready to take good macro photos.

The benefit of it is that you don’t need to setup Light & software to make your macro photos looks good. You will be able to capture enough light by adjusting the aperture itself. And it will be a natural light though.

Method: 2 Use Flash

Sometimes we faces Low light or If we are capturing in the night , it might affect that the subject. You will not be able to capture the depth of field because of the low light , So Use flash if there is low light .

If you are capturing macro photoa in your phone, You need to zoom if you want sharp close-up & More depth of field. But phone with no manual camers options will not be able to take good macro photos.

Method 3: Adjust Shutter Speed

Shutter speed has an important role in macro photography. Slow shutter speed may result in Blurry photos.
So Adjust Your shutter speed fast for static Photo. Shutter speed is defined as how much light will enter in your camera , for instance – you put your shutter speed 5sec. it means your shutter will be open for 5sec, light will enter for 5sec and than shutter will close .

Focus your object clearly and fast your shutter speed brings a good macro photo . But too fast shutter speed also results in blurry photo , so adjust it with the condition.

Try to understand the depth of field

Do practice, it will make you to understand depth of field. As much as you experience or practice more you will take better photos.

So good luck guys , Do Photography Consistently. We will learn more in the next lesson or The Last Macro Photography Lesson.

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