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Macro Photography

Macro Photography, Lesson- 1


Want to Capture Amazing Macro Shots :

Many Photographers wants to capture amazing Macro Photos But Its Not So easy. You Can’t Take Amazing Photos Just by Clicking The Button of a Camera or Phone. You must have good knowledge of Photography & depth of field. But you can learn here . Thanks For Growing of number of insects and Plants. And The Huge Demand Of Macro Photos In stock Photography Market Enhance Our Idea To Capture Amazing shots in a Perfect way. Today I will Provide You Some Basic Skill you need to know before Clicking a Macro Shot. I will Give you the right skills, so you will be able to capture amazing shots. So lets Start with this Simple Question.

What is Macro Photography:

Capturing of small objects like insects & Plants called Macro Photography. You can capture it indoor or outdoor. By putting something in your studio , you can capture it in the studio too. Only small objects photos called macro photos , if you take photos of a things which is large and if its too small for your frame so it will not be a good macro shot. If your camera sensor is one inch wide, you would be photographing something 1 inch or smaller.

Macro Photography for Beginners:

How Can You Take Macro Photos , Here are some initial steps you must follow:

  • Understand Macro Photography terminology
  • Pick the right camera and lens
  • Adjust the angle in a right way
  • Focus on the most important part of your subject
  • Analyse the behaviour of the object
  • Understand the depth of field

So now you are ready to capture, But Sometimes you can’t adjust all the things properly depending the situation. Sometimes you might able to adjust the focus and depth of field. But i am going to Tell you some tips so that you will be able to capture amazing shots and you will become master as long as you would practice it.

The above photo is a good example of amazing Macro Photography. You can do capture these perfect click as long as you will practice.

So guys in the next lesson we will talk about Magnification, Focusing, Depth Of field etc. ( In the details)

Be Ready For Next lesson.

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