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Zika virus is a deadly virus which is known to cause deformities of the foetus and even fatalities of the unborn child if the mother is infected.
It is suspected that the pregnant women affected by the zika virus give birth to abnormally small heads. It also causes neurological problems among babies.

It doesn’t have a potential cure up to the date. But an Indian Scientist from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MANDI, Dr RAJANISH GIRI is on the verge of a breakthrough in making an antivirus by identifying crucial regions within the protein molecule of the virus. Their results have also been published in Journal of Molecular Biology.
As of NDTV 106 persons including a pregnant women have been infected by Zika virus in Rajasthan.


The death rate due to zika virus is around 1-2 percent among the infected. However it can cause serious conditions among pregnant women.
The symptoms are fever, rashes, headaches, body aches, joint pains, and conjunctivitis.


Generally virus needs a host to replicate.
The virus within them have a shell of protein which is RNA( ribonucleic acid).
When a person gets attacked by Zika, the virus replicates in humans disrupting persons nerve cells. Thus is the reason foetus are vulnerable as nerve cells are extensive during embryogeny.

Its name come from zika forest in Uganda, from where it have transferred in the world. It is transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, which are also the carriers of dengue. It can also get transferred by infected blood transfusion and sexual contact.

But the new finding by Dr. Rajanish Giri and his fellows might be on an another breakthrough in medical science. The team basically have understood the structure of zika virus to design the antivirus. He said it is important and fundamental in understanding & exploring the complex mechanism of viral pathogenesis. Which will eventually help in building the antivirus.

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