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India is Expected to reach 320 million gamers by 2022


The growing popularity of Smartphone Games like Fortinite and PubG it may be expected that the gamers can reach upto 320 million by 2022. According to the recent research conducted by a Digital Marketing Company in Pune, India is expected to reach 320 million users by 2022.

Currently India has 730 million Internet Users, it is expecting that India Would have 1 gamer out of 2 Internet user by 2022. It is also pointed out in the research that Half of Indian games users are below the age of 24, Majority are under the age of 36.

Research said most of the gamers play games on Smartphones. The number of users of Smartphones is greater than that of computer. Majority of Indians are interested to play games on Smartphones.

61 percent gamers respondents said that game size doesn’t matter when it comes to downloading while 22 percent doesn’t download games that has size of more than 200MB. It is also noted that in the past the game developers were building games of less than 50MB. Now games users are growing as JIO came into the existence.

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