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IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan is Handed Over To India at Wagha-Attari Border


Abhinandan Return- Indian Air force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan has been returned to India at Wagha-Attari border. Two days after he was captured by Pakistan during an intense aerial dogfight. Wing Commander Abhinandan was received by the Border Security Officials.

Hundreds of media persons are at the Attari Border and and Millions of Indian were there to have a small Glimpse of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. The breathless countdown for the homecoming of Abhinandan — who became the centrepoint of escalating tensions between the two fractious neighbours with his capture after his plane was downed

Air Voice Marshall RGK Kapoor is addressed the media following the Wing Commander Abhinandan return to India. “We are happy that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has been handed over to us. The entire procedure is carried out according to Air Force Operatives. He said.

RGK Kapoor added, “Varthaman will be taken from here for a detailed medical examination because he had to eject the plane. IAF is happy to have him back.”

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