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How to reach location, book tickets for Statue of Unity ?


The statue of Unity in Narmada district of Gujarat will be a major tourist attraction and is expected to attract around 10,000 tourists daily.

World’s tallest Statue of Sardar Patel is 182 metre in height. The Statue has opened its door for the public. The Patel Statue is twice as tall as the statue of Liberty. It is expected to attract around 10,000 daily visitors. Visitors can take a lift installed inside the Statue, it can run with the speed of 4 metres per second.

For those who want to click photographs, the complex also has a separate selfie point from where you get a good view of the statue and its surroundings. There is also a museum and audio-visual.

How can you reach to the Statue of Unity ?

The statue of Unity is located nearly 90 kilometres from Vadodara in Gujarat, and 200 kilometres from Ahmedabad

How to book tickets for Statue of Unity ?

The tickets are available on from Saturday. We can also buy tickets at the location of the statute and from the Shrestha Bharat Bhawan situated near the Statue.

Tickets Price for Statue of Unity

The entry is free for children which are below the age of 3. For childrens and adults above the age of 3, tickets are priced at 350 per person. It includes the observation of deck, valley of flowers, museum, audio visual gallery, the Sardar Patel memorial, statue of Unity and Sardar sarovar dam.

For a basic entry that does not include observation of deck are priced at Rs. 120 for adults and Rs. 60 for children aged below 15

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