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How To Get Your Instagram Account Verified


In these days there are so many fake accounts on Social Media Platforms. One way to identify the authentic account or genuine account is to look Verified Badges on Account. A lot of celebrities have a Verified Blue Badge on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In case of Instagram it has now opened a new Option for Account Verification for Everyone. Any users can apply for this verification form in order to get verified on Instagram. But the one thing that you should note is not every accounts get verified after applying the form , you should be the authentic or renowned person. But there is no harm to apply at once, isn’t it ?

Here Are Some Easy Steps to Apply for Verification Badge (Blue Tick)

Step- 1: Go to your Profile on Instagram

Step- 2: Tap on The “Menu” Option on Top Right Corner

Step- 3: Choose The “Settings” Options Displayed at the bottom

Step- 4: Go to the “Account” option

Step- 5: Now Tap on “Request Verification”

Step- 6: Write Your Full Name wherever asked

Step -7: Select the category of Your Instagram account. This can be News/Media, Music, Sports, Government, others

Step- 8: You have to submit a Government issued ID (Driving License, PAN card, Passport, National Identification Card etc.)

Step- 9: Now Click On the “Send” button.

It takes sometime to get your request reviewed by Instagram. When they go through your Profile, you will get a notification about it.

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