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How To Add Multiple Stops in a single trip in Google Maps


Google Maps is one of those apps that we use in our daily life. When we go somewhere on a trip the Google Maps is the app that we use to find the right direction for the destination. We can also see live traffic around a location to get a better idea. But there’s another interesting feature that will really helpful and makes your work easier in case you have to stop at multiple point before you reach at your destination.

The app has a good feature wherein we can add multiple stops in between the Starting point of our journey and the last stop. It will save your time and effort to manually insert the stops one after another. So how you do put multiple locations in Google Maps. Here are few steps

– Open Google Maps apps in your phone and search for your final destination

– Once found, mark it and tap on ‘Directions’ button

– In the top right tap on the three dots further more click on “Add Stop” button. It is possible to add upto 9 stops in a single trip

– Tap on ‘Done’

– It is possible to change the position of the stop by simply long pressing on the three line ‘reorder’ button by dragging it up or down.

This can only be done for driving and cycling mode. It won’t work for public transit. One can use this feature on the web version also

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