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How many websites are there in the world ?


Have you ever wondered how many websites are in the world ? Have you ever think about it ?

Yes !

So here is the answer around 1 billion (1,158,207,412) websites are in the world according to Netcraft’s January 2019 web survey. While the exact number of websites are keep changing every second.

The total number of websites in the world has been confirmed by Netcraft and published on May 2018 Web server survey.

It is amazing to watch the rapid growth of Internet day by day, since the Internet started with 1 website in 1991. And now a days Business, E-commerce, organisation and individuals around the world actively use their websites on daily basis.

How many websites are active ?

Today roughly more than 85% of all websites are not active. This means that only 10-15% of all the websites in the world are active and being used.

Also, the big portion of those websites does not get regular updates. This means the number of active websites are much smaller than the all websites around the world. So if someone asks you “How many websites are there? Do not forget to clarify if they think all websites are active websites.

What website was the First one ?

This one and now over a billion websites around the world. The first website of the Internet went live on August 6, 1991. It was the project world wide web itself.

The first website of the internet is still available today at the following URL :

How many websites are created every day ?

To have the exact number of website created every day is not possible to calculate. But we have the estimation.

Every minute the total number of websites grew approximately by 380. This means that every 24 hours we get 54,720 increase in the total number of websites world wide.

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