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How does your Mind reacts during an Orgasm?

Orgasm is definitely one of the best feeling when it comes to having or experiencing pleasure. But what really happens during orgasm in our body and how does our mind react towards it. In order to find out what’s going on in our mind scientists use FMRI( Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans. These devices are used to measure the blood flow and neuron activity in the human mind. By studying brain activity researchers have been able to get some fascinating results.

1. During orgasm our brain releases huge amount of dopamine

During sex dopamine is released in a huge amount.Dopamine is actually a harmone which is responsible for feeling of pleasure, desire and motivation. Generally dopamine is being referred to as a pleasure chemical, though research have shown it offers us much more than a good time. It really more of a learning chemical, helping to take notice of rewards like food and sex, and figure out how to get more of them.

2. Your Logical reasoning skills go on a vacation during sex

Lateral orbitofrontal cortex, part of brain responsible for logical reasoning skills becomes less active during sex. Thus is the part of brain which is responsible for reason, decision making and judgements. Decrease in activity of this part of brain also associate to decrease in fear and anxiety.

3. Having orgasm affects brain in the same way as Drugs

Our brain is one of most complex thing to understand in the world. Surprisingly, it doesn’t differentiate much when we are having good sex or we are high on drugs. During drugs or winning a lottery same areas of brain are activated which are being light up during sex.

Sex is experienced in a pleasurable way. There are same networks which are activated in response to drug use, alcohol consumption, gambling, listening to your favourite music.

4. Pain and Sex actually activates some of same part of the brain

This might be explainable that why some people derive pleasure from experiencing pain. Several of the areas ( mainly within the cortex) which are responsible for pain are active during sex.However we haven’t quite understand the relationship of pain and sex but some research have shown that vaginal simulation might actually reduce pain sensitivity in some people.

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