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Here is Why Apple is Launching Iphone XR one month after Iphone XS


Apple this week launching three new smartphone iPhone XR & iPhone XS and iPhone XS max. These smartphones not launching on the same date. The OLED model iPhone XS and iPhone Max have got an early release date whereas the less expensive display model iPhone XR will come one month after iPhone XS & iPhone Max

iPhone XS and iPhone XS max is Scheduled to go on sale in India on 28 September. Whereas iPhone XR will go on sale in India on 26 October with pre-booking starts on October 19.

Apple Decision to launch low cost model on a later date making surprise to everyone. According to TheVerge, Apple’s decision to delay shipping of iPhone XR is not really a planned marketing strategy but an outcome a myriad of technical challenges. The website reports that the company is facing software-related challenges for iPhone XR which sports a large Liquid Retina Display with a notch.

Everything we have been hearing is that there is an issue on the software side. There is a lot of software involved with LCD screen as it will be the first LCD display with Notch and full screen.

Apple would not delay the iPhone XR for any reason other than the device is not ready to shipped at the adequate volume. One of the things going with the iPhone XR is that it looks identical to the expensive model. Experts believe consumers will go for the low Cost model as it has the same or lesa features as iPhone XS and iPhone Max. The delay will let consumers to buy iPhone XS first.

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