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Google Pay Rs 65,000 Crore to Apple to stay Main Search engine on Safari till 2019


Google is the king of Search Engines right now, but its not a easy task staying at the Top. According to a business insider Google will pay Apple Approximately 65,000 crore in 2018 in order to remain the Safari browser default search engine. That number will reach upto $12 billion in 2019 (Approximately 88,000 Crore)

After all Safari is the main browser of Apple (ipod, ipad amd and Mac). Most of Apple users like to use Safari browser rather than Google. Though Google is earning a high amount of revenue through ads and searches. The amount Google Pays would be the fraction of the amount Google earns.
“We believe Apple is one of the biggest channels of traffic acquisition for Google,” the report said. The number has actually jumped significantly from the $3 billion Google paid last year. All of those are estimates, but there are actual court documents indicating Google did in fact pay Apple $1 billion in 2014 for its pride of place as search engine.

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