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Future Technologies That Will be in Our Daily Life by 2022


As we all know that technology is increasing rapidly with the huge change in our daily lives. We are nothing without technology, we cannot do almost every work without technology. We cannot expect that what will happen in the next couple of years or after 2080. As far technology is going.

As 2018 progress , we can asume that to how much extent can technology go. Here are 6 technologies you can expect to reach the people in the couple of days.

1. Internet Of Things:

The Internet Of Things is the long been talked topic in these days in Technology. Internet of Things (IoT) has begun carve a niche for itself in everyday life with the growing adoption of system like Google Home, Amazon Alexa. These devices are likely to be Used in our daily life in the 2022. On the behalf of these devices it can be expect that Our home will be fully Advanced in 2022 and we will control everything such as Air Conditioner,Fan,Fridge, etc . of our home without wires. All Things will be Controllable over Internet through your Cell Phones.

Apple has announced its Homepod this year and Samsung is working on its Bixby in order to complete the success with Google Home & Alexa. So we can expect that Internet Of Things (IoT) will bring an advanced change in simplifying our daily life and would make it more reliable.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

As the computer science growing rapidly each and every day it may be possible that one day all the things will be managed by the robots. Artificial intelligence is a machine intelligence , its an intelligence demonstrated by machine (learning) . Through artificial intelligence machine can learn new things as we learn.

3. First Robotics Pharmacist will arrive in US by 2020

Robots have already entered in this era. They have a big presence in manufacturing sectors. As they become more advanced, we will see them entering in the new sector.

It is predicted that a robot will work as Pharamacist in US by 2020. It will be the first robot we will see in this sector.

4. First 3D Printed Car

3D printers are increasingly popular in now a days as they have ability to print different kinds of things with different materials. Many car companies are already using 3D printers for making prototype & designs , infact they use it to make specific part of a vehicle.

Recently audi has Printed a miniature sized vehicle, it was created using a metal printer.

But the automobile companies want to produce fully 3D Printed cars in next few years. Companies have already made many prototypes and will begin to produce Cars in next few years.

5. Driverless Cars almost 10% of all Cars in US

On the basis of Accident incresing and the technology is growing rapidly it is necessary to have driverless cars. Tech companies like google and Uber is now focusing on to produce driverless cars before 2026. As well as the automobile companies like Toyota, Volkswagen etc. are currently working on driverless cars.

But the prediction is that it will be in the road by 2026. If driverless cars come, it will be assumed that the road Accident will reduce rapidly. It is a matter of safety and technology concern. Infact it will assumed that 10% of cars will be driverless in US by 2026.

6. Integration of Smart home Device

Just think , how it would be if your alarm deactivate upon recognising your face in the morning. The lights of your home automatically turned off, if you leave from home without switching off them. Technology will introduce to all a home automation in next few years. It will be helpful in saving electricity.

A home automation system can control lighting, climate, entertainment system & application. It may also include home security such as access system & alarm control. A home automation system connects controled devices to a central hub, controled device uses wall mounted device or phone & tablets, these devices will work with the help of Internet.

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