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From Virat Kohli to Shahid Kapoor, this is how much Celebrities charge for their Instagram Post


Independent Creators are making millions through their social media platforms. Every celebrities charges for their single Instagram sponsored post. Instagram has proven to be huge market for brands and advertisers for the type of targeted that the platform offers.

This is how much Bollywood Celebrities and Cricket Stars charge for one Instagram Post:

Priyanka Chopra – Rs. 1.87 Crores

Priyanka Chopra ranked the Richest on Instagram list by Forbes with around 49 million followers on the platform. Priyanka Chopra charges 1.87 crores for their single Sponsored Instagram Post. She is closely followed by Virat Kohli who is on 23rd spot.

Virat Kohli – 1.36 Crores

With over 48.6 million followers on Instagram, he charges 1.36 Crores for every Sponsored Instagram Post. He is on 23rd amongst the Instagram Richest list.

Alia Bhatt – 1 Crore

The Gully Boy actress Alia Bhatt has over 42.3 million followers on Instagram, she charges almost 1 crores for their single Instagram Post. She posts lot of unfiltered , no make- up looks, travel pictures on her Social Media platform.

Shahrukh Khan – Rs. 80 lakh to 1 Crore

Being one of the highest paid stars in the industry, King Khan’s social media is just a top- notch, with a whopping 20 millions followers on Instagram. Shahrukh Khan charges around Rs. 80 lakhs to a crores for each brand post.

Amitabh Bachchan – Rs. 40 to 50 lakhs

Instagram may have a primarily young user base, but that definitely did not stop Mr. Big B’s traditional advertising reign from expanding to the social media site. The actor has around 14 million followers on the platform where he reportedly charges Rs. 40 to 50 lakhs per post

Shahid Kapoor – Rs. 20 to 30 lakhs

Shahid Kapoor has been referred as one of the most attractive Indian Celebrities with over 24 million followers on Instagram. Shahid Kapoor charges Rs. 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs for every Sponsored Instagram Post.

Neha Dhupia – 1.3 lakhs

Neha has over 3 million on Instagram and according to reports she charges around Rs. 1.5 lakhs for every Instagram Promotional Post.

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