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First Hydrogen Powered Trains Rolling in Germany


Germany has rolled out the first Hydrogen Powered Trains, the trains which operate in between northern German towns.

“The world’s first Hydrogen train is entering into commercial service and is ready for serial production,” Alstom CEO Henri said at an unveiling ceremony in Bremervoerde, the station where the hydrogen trains will be refuelled with hydrogen.

Hydrogen trains are equipped with fuel cells which produce electricity Through the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, a process that leaves steam and water. Excess energy will stored in lithium ion batteries in the trains. The train can run about 600 miles (1,000km) on a single tank of hydrogen similar to the range of diesel trains.

The trains can hit the speed upto 140km/hr or 87 MPH. They will run on 100 kilometres track and promise low noise trip.

Buying a hydrogen train is somewhat more expensive than diesel trains but it would be cheaper to run. “Other countries are also looking into hydrogen trains,” Alstom said

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