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Facebook’s official Instagram, Twitter account were hacked


If you thought that only your account can get hacked, you would be surprised to know that,a group called “OurMine” hacked the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s official account and posted a series of messages on their social handles.

“Hi, we are O u r M i n e. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security better than Twitter,” posted the hackers from their official handles.

Later, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed that both Facebook and Messenger were hacked by a third party platform on Friday. As soon as we are aware of the issue we have closed the compromised account of Facebook and Messenger. OurMine is a group of hackers who are responsible for hacking Facebook’s official handle.

Popular app researcher from Jane Manchun Wong was the first one to capture the cyber attack on Facebook. Sharing the video, she wrote, It was fun watching this battle between Facebook and hackers where hackers keep posting tweets and Facebook keeps deleting them,

OurMine is responsible for hacking the account of ESPN, NFL earlier this year. He had hacked the official account of an eminent personalities such as Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Google co-founder Sundar Pichai in 2016.

A report in Mic revealed that the OurMine group consists of three different hackers. The group claims that its prime concern is security and it is not like that anarchistic, politically-minded groups like Anonymous. OurMine seems more like a friendly hacker group that scares and later encourages people to be careful with their passwords and plugins. They do not harm any particular website or a person; they simple advertise their services by simply getting into their accounts.

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