Quiz Competition by ISRO, Students can Apply

ISRO is going to organise a Quiz competition for school students in collaboration with Mygov. It is being organised with the aim of raising awareness about the space programme among the students. Entries are called from the students till 20…

Star older than Universe discovered, Theory Of Big Bang in Question

Star older than universe discovered, Big bang theory in question According to big bang universe came into existence around 13.8 billion years ago. Having been proposed by astronomer Georges Lemaitre in 1927 the theory stands against all the odds in…


World Renowned Astrophysicist Neil deGrass Tyson says an asteroid collision around 2030 could destroy America

In ‘Cosmic Series’ an episode of his podcast famous scientist discussed about the big threat can be caused by massive asteroids. He along with other physicist also explore the possibilities asteroid strikes which happened billions of years ago and laid…

An impeccable journey of dedication: From village girl to Oxford than to IPS

There is saying, ” There is nothing hard or easy, it’s the will that decides. Born in small town of kundarki in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh IIma Afroz has proven the statement. She was born to a farmer with…


An accident changed an ordinary Man to Mathematics Genius

“However bad life may seem, there is always something we can do and succeed at”. These are the lines of one of the greatest physicist Stephen Hawking. Well this thought is simple yet astounding as in case of Jason Padgett…


Man Lands in village in a helicopter after retirement

In all of our lives, we have dreams which are fascinated by our various desires. Its not an another story of dream come true but instead it’s a reward a man gives to himself after working years for other people….

Man who Covered 1,64,000 KM on a Bicycle: Vladislav Ketov

He wasn’t ordinary. Because an ordinary person will require a lesser ordinary heart to achieve the feat which Vladislav Ketov, a Russian artist achieved on his bicycle. As the year 1991 approached he set out on a voyage to experience…


When one day keys of Cars ceased to work mysteriously in a town of Ohio

As the end of April was approaching, residents of the town of North Olmsted, Ohio witness a puzzling and confusing situation in front of them. Their wireless key fobs and garage doors simply refused to work. They ceased to function…


Project DART by NASA that will deflect the near earth asteroid

We all have learned in our science classes that an asteroid of a size of a big metropolitan city wiped out the dinosaurs million years ago. Since the beginning of industrial revolution mankind has rapidly raised in terms of technology….

The Unusual Painter, she paints what she hears: Melissa McCracken

Listening to a great music have always been fabulous thing for all of us. But with Melissa McCracken the case is slightly different. She paints what she hears. Melissa is 26 year old from city of Kansas, Missouri, USA. She…

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