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Donald Trump’s 3 hour visit to Ahmedabad will cost 80-85 Crore


Donald Trump is coming to Ahmedabad to inaugurate world’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. Making his first trip to largest democracy, Trump is also expected to visit humble Adobe of India’s independence hero Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad.

Authorities in Ahmedabad expect to spend around 800 million to 850 million ( $11- $12 million) Indian rupees on preparations for the visit by America’s President Donald Trump. The sum is equivalent to 1.5% of the annual budget for the home ministry in Gujarat.

For security purpose more than 12000 police officers expected to be deployed, will cost almost half of the expense, said the officials, who declined to revealed the name publicly for security reasons.

The Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad Vijay Nehra told Reuters that authorities has already spent around 300 million rupees ($4.3 million) on repairing roads and improving infrastructure around the new cricket stadium.

Further 60 million will go on beautification of the city, said Nehra, including erecting the wall to spare Trump’s view.

Nehra tweeted on Sunday that more than 1 lakh participants had registered for welcoming of Trump from the airport to the city centre. Trump may also visit the famous Taj Mahal in the city of Agra.

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